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Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo has bought Sooci’s business and continues Sooci’s delicious story.

Stay tuned, soon the boilers will be bubbling again!

Our fine stocks and sauces are carefully stirred by hand and created by a small group of professionals.

As for the ingredients, we don’t use many per product, but we use them well. All our root vegetables as well as beef and fish bones come from local farmers and fishermen. We reckon that if the vegetables can be in the pot by the next morning after they are picked, the distance is just right.

That’s all we need for our products really, except time of course. As nothing good is ever made in a hurry, we made all the preparations for you.

kastiketta lusikassa
kastiketta kattiloissa


The cooking process is quite traditional. First, we roast the bones and root vegetables in the oven, lifting and turning them by hand to make them roast evenly. And when the stock is cooking, we keep a close eye on the boiling and temperature. No machine can do that for us. The pots we use are a little more sophisticated than regular ones, but more about that later.

We try to be modern as well. Classical stock cooking is something we’re good at, but we want to add a modern touch to our products. To do that, we involve the young chefs in our network. We’ve learned that it’s useful to hear their opinion.

roikottaa kanankoipea
sesonki lähiruoka raaka-aineet


In Finland, people appreciate domestic products, and as the proud Finns we are, we do just that.

We buy our ingredients from producers right here, in the Liperi area. The benefit is that we get them to our cookery without any delay. The fresh beef bones and cheeks, oxtails, stewing meat and mother hens go into the pot the very next day after slaughtering.

The root vegetables come from our local farmers. People like our friend Asko, a trusted supplier just down the road.

sesonki lähiruoka raaka-aineet


With a little planning, you can always use the freshest ingredient. That’s the whole idea.

For example, it makes sense to make game-based stocks during the hunting season. With a trusted supplier, we have arranged to get the bones delivered as fresh as they come.

Buying root vegetables during the harvest season and using them well is another thing we do. For instance, when we get fennel, we use the stems as well. If we can’t use them immediately, we dry them for later use, never letting them go to waste.

viipaloitu porkkana
sooci kokki


We, too, cook our stocks and sauces in pots. They are just a little bigger, and to be honest, a little more sophisticated than the pots at home.

We use next generation pots that make the stocks soft and smooth. Precise adjusting of the cooking temperature is one of the features, and there are many more. Most importantly, with these pots we can make products that taste better.

viipaloitu porkkana